The main topic of the conference is:    Convergence towards euro enlargement

The conference will be preceded by a welcome dinner on the 3rd of June (7:00 pm Р9:00 pm), hosted by the National Bank of Romania.


Venue of the welcome dinner:¬†NBR¬†Training and Social Events Facility Center¬†(42, Dr Nicolae D. Staicovici Str, Sector 5 ‚Äď Bucharest)


Dinner speech: Acad. Daniel Daianu, Member of the Board of the National Bank of Romania


Venue of the Conference:¬†National Bank of Romania –¬†Anton Carp¬†Room (25 Lipscani¬†Street, 030031 Bucharest)


Chairman of the Conference: Dr. Wim Boonstra, President of ELEC International’s Monetary Commission, Special Economic Adviser at Rabobank  Utrecht, Professor of Money and Banking at VU University, Amsterdam


Official language of the Conference: English, with no translation into any other language


09:30: Opening Session

  • Acad.¬†Mugur¬†IsńÉrescu, Governor of the National Bank of Romania: Welcoming address
  • Dr. Wim Boonstra, President of ELEC International‚Äôs Monetary Commission
  • Mr.¬†Radu Deac, President of¬†ELEC¬†Romania: Opening address

10:30 -12:30: Key-note speech & 1st  Panel

Key‚Äďnote Speaker for the 1st Panel:¬†Marco Valli, Head of Macro Research, UniCredit Bank SA

Key-note topic:   ECB’s monetary policy normalization: conditions and consequences

Moderator of the 1st Panel: Wim Boonstra                       


Panel I: focus: the state of the euro area economy, the consequences of policy normalization for growth, fiscal sustainability etc, as well as the impact of this normalization on the real convergence process in the ’new’ member states, with particular focus on Bulgaria and Romania


Members of the 1st Panel:

  • K.¬†Masuch, Advisor, ECB
  • ‚ÄčM. Bergmann, Director ECFIN, EC
  • Bulgarian perspective: Vlamimir Karolec, CFA, Investment & Corporate Finance Adviser, Member of ELEC Bulgaria
  • Romanian perspective:¬†Valentin Lazea, Chief Economist, NBR



12:30 ‚Äď 13:00:¬†Coffee Break

13:00 ‚Äď 15:00:¬†Key-note speech & 2nd Panel

Key‚Äďnote Speaker for the¬†2nd Panel: Gabriele Giudice, Head of Unit, ECFIN, EC¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†

Key-note topic: Is the EMU sufficiently prepared to future crises? Lessons learned from the sovereign debt crisis and from EMU deepening since 2010                      

Moderator of the 2nd Panel: Servaas Deroose (former Deputy Director-General, ECFIN, EC)     


Panel II: focus: how well is Europe equipped in case of a new financial crisis? how effective are preventive and corrective instruments? What is still missing and absolutely indispensible? What international role for the euro? What does it imply for future euro area participants like Bulgaria and Romania?


Members of the 2nd Panel:

  • Jeffrey Franks, Director of the IMF Offices In Europe
  • Szolt Darvas, Breugel
  • Bulgarian perspective: Assoc. Prof. Teodor Sedlarski, Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of Sofia University
  • Romanian perspective: Andrei Radulescu, Chief Economist, Banca Transilvania SA


15:00 ‚Äď 15:30:¬†Conclusions:¬†Baron¬†Bernard Snoy, President of ELEC International

15:30 ‚Äď 16:30:¬†¬†Walking Lunch

19:30 ‚Äď 22:30:¬†Relaxing dinner at Restaurant Isoletta¬†(subject to subsequent¬†confirmation due to limited seats)