The International Role of the Euro and its implications for global economic governance

Conference with Carlo Monticelli

Vice Governor of the Council of Europe Development Bank

Former Head of International Financial Relations, Italian Treasury

Author of the recent book 
¬ęReforming Global Economic Governance¬†: An unsettled Order¬†¬Ľ

(Routledge 2019)


16h30: Registration

17h00: Introduction : Bernard Snoy, Chairman , RTI, President International, ELEC

17h15: Conference of Carlo Monticelli

18h00: Discussants :

                 -Bruno Hellendorff, Joint Research Fellow, Egmont and European
Policy Center

                 -Wim Boonstra, Chairman, ELEC Monetary Commission, former
Chief Economist of Rabobank

                 -Christian Ghymers, Vice Chairman, RTI, former Adviser, European

18h40: General Discussion

19h00: Reception